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Visiting Bambusa is a unique and different experience planned according to the needs, desires, and characteristics of each guest.

We work non-stop on the Hacienda and the surroundings, designing new experiences that adapt to guests looking for relaxing activities or guests who are adventure seekers. People of all ages, couples and families can enjoy our programs.

Activities within the property

Welcome Hike in Hacienda Bambusa and Cacao Tour

Length: 2 hours in total

Difficulty: Easy

Hacienda Bambusa is a working farm, with 500-plus acres actively cultivated mostly with cacao plantation.

Together with your guide, enjoy a two hour easy hike tour around the property. 

Some bird watching is done on the way.

Mountain Biking

Length: 2 hours in total

Difficulty: Easy to Medium

On site mountain bikes are at your disposal. You can either use them on the cacao tour with your guide, or on your own during your stay. 

* Specific multiple day biking trips are also available on request.

Bird Watching

Length: 3 hours in total

Difficulty: Easy

Hacienda Bambusa is home to over 160 species of exotic birds, including the Spectacled Parrotlet, Buff-necked Ibis and the Rufous-tailed Hummingbird.

Along with our biologist guide, you will explore trails criss-crossing the Hacienda's crops to spot birds in their natural habitats.

Coffee Tasting

Length: 2 hours in total

Difficulty: Easy

A certified local barista will come to Hacienda Bambusa to offer you a private coffee tasting with different coffees and methods of preparation.

In this two hour tasting guests will learn about the different types of coffees such as commercial, traditional, and special editions.

Cooking Lesson

Length: 2 hours in total

Difficulty: Easy

A half day experience with Bambusa's Chef.

The Chef has curated a list of traditional recipes to satisfy diverse diets and tastes.

Cacao Tasting

Length: 2 hours in total

Difficulty: Easy

Learn the process of bringing Bambusa’s cacao from the crop to your cup. 

Enjoy a delicious cup of hot cocoa with fresh cheese (traditional Colombian style), or with an arepa - a corn pancake, eaten in Venezuela and Colombia.

Wellness Ritual

Everyone needs a little self care every now and then. After all, traveling can be exhausting as well as exciting! 

Our self-designed deluxe wellness ritual packages create a liberating and harmonious experience. 

Hacienda Bambusa offers the perfect setting to relax and enjoy life while being pampered ~ a small oasis in the middle of your trip.

Build your own wellness ritual by choosing the options you want to experience!

- Relaxing or Thai massage
- Coffee or Passion Fruit ritual
- Bamboo ritual
- Chocolate Therapy     
- Yoga lesson
- Manicure and pedicure

* We recommend booking in advance to ensure availability.

Half day activities near Bambusa

Hot Air Balloon

Length: 3 hours in total

Difficulty: Easy 

Get on the hot air balloon and enjoy the views of the cultural coffee landscape.

Includes 45min flight, 25min transfer and time for safety instructions.
Please note you must leave Bambusa at 6:30am.

* Not recommended for people with fear of heights. For safety reasons the minimum age is 6 years old.  The flight is private, 4 persons maximum.
* This activity is not included in any standard rates. Please contact us for additional cost inquiries and information.


Length: 3h30min hours in total

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Looking for an adrenaline rush? Enjoy the best views of the region on a paraglide.
Includes a 20 min flight plus 1h30min transfer each way.

* Not recommended for people with fear of heights. For safety reasons, the minimum age to do this activity is 6 years old.

Armenia’s Botanical Garden & Butterfly Garden

Length: 3 hours in total

Difficulty: Easy

Home to over 110 bird varieties, 3000 butterflies from 40 different species, and surrounded by an extensive bamboo “guadua” forest, the local botanical garden is one of the region’s most valued projects of conservation. 

Coffee Tour at Hacienda Bruselas

Length: 3 to 4 hours in total

Difficulty: Modarate

Visit a working coffee farm open exclusively to Hacienda Bambusa guests.

Walk through the coffee plantations, visit the farm facilities, and end the tour with a coffee tasting.

* The tour involves a walk in the coffee plantation and a 35min transfer each way.

Zip Lining

Length: 2 hours in total

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Fly over a banana plantation on a Zip-Line! Our local Zip-Line consists of 10 different cables running over two kilometers.

This is a perfect way to enjoy the Coffee Region's unique landscape, high above the canopies, while spotting some wildlife. 

Full day activities in the region

Sightseeing in Salento, Cocora Valley & Filandia

Length: 7 hours in total

Difficulty: Easy

The most traditional sightseeing full day tour in the region, passing by the touristy highlights: The Cocora Valley, Salento and Filandia villages.

* Includes a 1h30 transfer each way.

Hiking in the Cocora Valley

Length: 7 to 8 hours in total

Difficulty: Easy or Difficult

A 2 to 5 hours hike in the Cocora Valley, surrounded by the tallest Palm Trees in the world.
You can make a short stop at Salento village on the way.

* Includes a 1h30 transfer each way.
* Difficulty level varies from medium to difficult depending on the hike.

Pijao: An immersion in the Coffee Culture

Length: 7 to 8 hours in total

Difficulty: Easy

Go off the beaten path and away from the touristy places to explore the most authentic coffee village of the region: Pijao.
Have lunch with locals at a typical coffee farm.

Transfer included to Pijao and back,1h30m each way.