Hacienda Bambusa





Tour among the cocoa plantations

You cannot miss visiting the Bambusa cocoa plantations! A pleasant walk touring the extensive cocoa plantation hand in hand with an expert guide. You will visit the nursery where the yellow, orange and red tones of the cacao trees mix with the green, creating an enchanting color palette.
Learn about the fermentation and drying process, still done by hand, by which the cocoa beans are ready for export and embark on the journey to become chocolate.

DURATION: 2 hours total

1 Guest: $ 250.000
2 Guests: $ 300.000
3 Guests: $ 350.000
4 Guests: $ 400.000
* Prices are in COP

Cocoa bike tour

Cycling through the internal routes of the hacienda is pedaling between cocoa, banana and avocado crops. Breathe fresh air and listen to the wind playing among the trees or say hello to the cattle grazing peacefully. A simple way to oxygenate body and mind, exercising and bicycling.

Delight yourself with the coffee landscape pedaling between the farms, bamboo forests and coffee plantations that surround the hacienda!

DURATION: 2 hours
DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Easy to moderate
* Specialized tours and longer bike routes are available upon request. Contact us for more information.

1 Guest: $ 250.000
2 Guests: $ 300.000
3 Guests: $ 350.000
4 Guests $ 400.000
* Prices are in COP

Bird watching

The amazing ecosystem that surrounds Hacienda Bambusa is home to more than 160 species of endemic birds.

In the first months of the year, we are visited by approximately 40 species of migratory birds that arrive to this region. Hummingbirds, Tanagers, Andean Motmot and Curlews are some of the birds you can find before the sun rises.
During this walk, that takes place very early in the morning, a specialist bird guide will accompany you to tour the hacienda in search of these beautiful birds.

DURATION: 2 hours

1 Guest: $ 325.000
2 Guests: $ 330.000
3 Guests: $ 340.000
4 Guests: $ 345.000
* Prices are in COP

Cocoa workshop

Of all the drinks we love in Colombia, surely few are as special as a delicious cup of hot chocolate topped with melted cheese and a freshly grilled arepa made at home. This drink is part of the history in the Colombian table, it unites us as a family in a culinary ritual that is enjoyed in the morning for breakfast or in “los onces”: the afternoon snack as it is traditionally called in our country.

In Bambusa you will learn to make a cup of hot chocolate as Colombian grandmothers used to do. You will be able to see how the cocoa beans collected on the farm are mixed with aromatic ingredients and sugar to obtain the magic of chocolate. A specialized guide will accompany you during this process, and will also teach you how to prepare incredible drinks using other parts of the cocoa bean. This experience will take you through the flavors of Colombia, which fill the soul of those who let themselves be enchanted by the joy of this ancestral drink.

DURATION: 2 hours

1 Guest: $ 315.000
2 Guests: $ 365.000
3 Guests: $ 420.000
4 Guests: $ 470.000
* Prices are in COP

Cooking class

Colombian cuisine is a complex world of family traditions and heritage, combined with fresh ingredients and simple techniques that seek to feed the soul.

The Chefs of Bambusa will guide you across a culinary journey that goes back to Grandma's cookbook, through touches of modern cooking, that is not afraid to mix ingredients and use new techniques.

Coffee sauce, "empanadas" and the use of fruits as exotic as chontaduro (peach palm), are some of the dishes that will mark your gastronomic experience at Hacienda Bambusa.

DURATION: 2 hours

Cooking class in Spanish
1 Guest: $ 200.000
2 Guests: $ 265.000
3 Guests: $ 335.000
4 Guests: $ 400.000

Cooking class with bilingual guide (English of French)
1 Guest: $ 360.000
2 Guests: $ 425.000
3 Guests: $ 495.000
4 Guests: $ 560.000
* Prices are in COP

Coffee tasting with a barista

Caramel, orange, vanilla, honey, wood and earth: did you ever imagine that you could find all these scents in a cup of coffee? An expert barista will test all your senses in an entertaining workshop. He will reveal the flavors and smells of coffee and teach you how to find the differences between types of coffee, as well as identify those of good quality and those that are not.

During the workshop you will learn how to make coffee with easy-to-use techniques such as French presses, Chemex coffee machines or pneumatic presses. Simple preparations that result in amazing tasting cups of coffee.

At the end of this experience you will have the basic knowledge of an expert taster. Coffee will never be the same for you again!

DURATION: 2 hours

1 Guest: $ 280.000
2 Guests: $ 290.000
3 Guests: $ 300.000
4 Guests: $ 310.000
* Prices are in COP


Hot air balloon flight

The best way to appreciate the true beauty of the coffee region is above the clouds. The balloon flight is undoubtedly, an experience you will remember forever. This trip starts very early in the morning. Upon arrival at the meeting point, you will be able to see the interior structure of the balloon as it fills with air. Around 7:00 AM it will be soaring through the skies. The wind will capriciously guide the balloon over the coffee farms, the Quindío River and an incredible landscape will be revealed right in front of your eyes.

The landing is a surprise for both travelers and locals: it can be on a farm, a vacant lot or a coffee plantation. The pilot will look for the best place to land and it varies on each trip. It is strongly recommended to wear a hat and coat. Don't forget to have your camera ready to take the best photos from the sky!

DURATION: 2 hours
DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Easy to moderate
* Not recommended for people with a fear of heights. For security reasons, the minimum age is 6 years old. 
* The flight is private, maximum 4 people. This activity is not included in any rate. Contact us for additional costs.

Balloon flight without transfer
1 Guest: $ 3.705.000
2 Guests: $ 3.705.000
3 Guests: $ 3.705.000
4 Guests: $ 3.705.000

Balloon flight with transfer
1 Guest: $ 4.017.000
2 Guests: $ 4.017.000
3 Guests: $ 4.069.000
4 Guests: $ 4.069.000

Balloon flight with transfer + Bilingual guide (English or French)
1 Guest: $ 4.187.000
2 Guests: $ 4.187.000
3 Guests: $ 4.239.000
4 Guests $ 4.239.000
* Prices are in COP

Horse ride

Feel like a local cowboy riding through a nature reserve near Hacienda Bambusa! Go through an amazing landscape between bamboo forests and a valley crossed by two rivers that join together right before your eyes, framed by the mountains of the Colombian Central mountain range.

An experienced local horseman will guide you through a vast forest, reforested with native tree species and bamboo forests. His knowledge over the years about this area will make this journey a unique experience.

Along the way you will also find beautiful birds, cattle and impressive buffalo.s This experience will ensure tons of fun, peaceful landscapes and narrow paths surrounded by leafy trees.

DURATION: 2 hours horse riding + 30 min transfer
* For security reasons, the minimum age is 12 years and the maximum is 70 years old.

Horse riding without transfer (Spanish guide, no lunch included)
1 Guest: $ 250.000
2 Guests: $ 290.000
3 Guests: $ 440.000
4 Guests: $ 590.000

Horse riding + Transfer (Spanish guide, no lunch included)
1 Guest: $ 510.000
2 Guests: $ 530.000
3 Guests: $ 680.000
4 Guests: $ 790.000

Horse riding + Lunch (Spanish guide, no transfer)
1 Guest: $ 350.000
2 Guests: $ 490.000
3 Guests: $ 740.000
4 Guests: $ 990.000

Horse riding + Transfer + Lunch (Spanish guide)
1 Guest: $ 637.000
2 Guests: $ 760.000
3 Guests: $ 990.000
4 Guests: $ 1.295.000

Horse riding + Transfer + English or French guide (No lunch included)
1 Guest: $ 840.000
2 Guests: $ 885.000
3 Guests: $ 1.085.000
4 Guests: $ 1.250.000

Horse riding + Transfer + English or French guide + Lunch
1 Guest: $ 940.000
2 Guests: $ 1.085.000
3 Guests: $ 1.385.000
4 Guests: $ 1.650.000
* Prices are in COP

Hike from Hacienda Bambusa to La Maria Natural Reserve

The coffee region is unique in the world: the landscapes, the culture, the architectural style and the manual work of the coffee harvesting, make this place a region worth admiring. Each experience in this Colombian zone will show you the characteristics that make it unique.

To get to know the landscapes and the different crops that grow in this prosperous land, you can enjoy an entertaining walk from Bambusa to the La María natural reserve. You will get to know the farms surrounding the hacienda, that grow different types of crops: corn, bananas, citrus, coffee or cocoa. You will cross a river and may come across an imposing herd of buffalos, horses or cows. Don't forget to bring your camera and a hat, put on sunscreen and hiking shoes!

DURATION: 3 hours


RATES (In Spanish)

1 Guest: $ 240.000

2 Guests: $ 260.000

3 Guests: $ 355.000

4 Guests: $ 470.000

RATES (Bilingual guide in English or French)

1 Guest: $ 475.000

2 Guests: $ 485.000

3 Guests: $ 590.000

4 Guests: $ 710.000

* Prices are in COP

Coffee tour in La Morelia

La Morelia is a traditional Quindío coffee farm, very close to Hacienda Bambusa.

At this farm, you will take a guided tour of the house, and then get lost for a while among the coffee plantation. The experience ends with a coffee tasting using the coffee produced on this farm.

DURATION: 3 hours + 30 min transfer

Coffee tour (With local guide in Spanish)
1 Guest: $ 180.000
2 Guests: $ 240.000
3 Guests: $ 431.000
4 Guests: $ 575.000

Coffee tour with transfer (With local guide in Spanish)
1 Guest: $ 495.000
2 Guests: $ 590.000
3 Guests: $ 770.000
4 Guests: $ 895.000

Coffee tour with transfer (Bilingual guide in English or French)
1 Guest: $ 675.000
2 Guests: $ 770.000
3 Guests: $ 950.000
4 Guests: $ 1.050.000
* Prices are in COP


Pijao: Authentic immersion in the Coffee Culture

Pijao is a small town in the middle of the Andes mountain range. The secrets that make this a magical place, are the stories of its inhabitants. On this tour of Pijao, Juan David, a local guide, will take you to meet people like Don Leo, a small coffee grower from the area, who will kindly accompany you on a tour of his farm, while he tells his life story and the origin of the coffee he produces.

The houses of Pijao are a fundamental part of the route, inside they hide wonderful gardens, full of hydrangeas, anthuriums, rosebushes and San Joaquins. Visit a local house and share a pleasant chat with its owner, while enjoying a hot drink made from the aromatic plants that grow in the garden.
In Pijao you will learn how coffee is the axis of people's lives in this Colombian region.

After sharing with these wonderful people, you will be able to let yourself be carried by the wind over the coffee plantations of Pijao: For those with an adventurous spirit, a paragliding flight can be an incredible experience to end this day!

DURATION: 7 to 8 hours in total

1 Guest: $ 1.523.000
2 Guests: $ 2.220.000
3 Guests: $ 2.996.000
4 Guests: $ 3.811.000
* Prices are in COP

Touring Salento and the Cocora Valley

The small towns of the coffee region are places full of charm. Salento, in particular, has a unique warmth. It is full of craft shops, picturesque cafes and restaurants with doors and windows that color the streets of the town. Afterwards, and after a 20-minute drive, you will reach the Cocora Valley. An enchanting place with the tallest wax palms in the world. A green paradise where you can choose to walk for two or four hours.

The afternoon ends in Finland, another city full of balconies and a much calmer and cooler place. Here you can learn how the baskets used to collect the coffee are made. Then visit the unmissable viewpoint, a 27 m (88 ft) high structure that offers a panoramic view of the entire coffee region. On a clear day you can also see the "Nevado del Tolima".

DURATION: 7 to 8 hours total

Transfer (Spanish speaking driver, guide and lunch not included)
1 Guest: $ 470.000
2 Guests: $ 475.000
3 Guests: $ 560.000
4 Guests: $ 570.000

Transfer + English, French or Spanish speaking guide (lunch not included)
1 Guest: $ 740.000
2 Guests: $ 790.000
3 Guests: $ 880.000
4 Guests: $ 890.000

Special private tour with transfer + English, French or Spanish speaking guide + lunch + access to a private nature reserve
1 Guest: $ 1.150.000
2 Guests: $ 1.275.000
3 Guests: $ 1.520.000
4 Guests: $ 1.660.000
* Prices are in COP

Quindío Botanical Garden

Just after a 45-minute drive from Hacienda Bambusa you will reach the Quindío Botanical Garden, a sanctuary for plants and flowers from the coffee region. This is also a place dedicated to the study and conservation of the native species of this Colombian area, a refuge for nature lovers and a place to deepen their botanical knowledge.

Enjoy a 2-kilometer walk and a guided tour with an expert on birds, plants, and insects. At the end of the walk, you can climb the observation tower to admire the garden from above. Then you can visit the carnivorous plants exhibition.

Finally, you will visit the Butterfly Garden, a butterfly-shaped dome filled with 1,500 species flying all around. Keep quiet and don't move: a colorful butterfly could land on your shoulder!

DURATION: 4 hours total

Transfer (Guide and tickets to the Botanical Garden not included)
1 Guest: $ 345.000
2 Guests: $ 345.000
3 Guests: $ 430.000
4 Guests: $ 440.000

Transfer + English, French or Spanish speaking guide + Tickets to the Botanical Garden
1 Guest: $ 695.000
2 Guests: $ 755.000
3 Guests: $ 890.000
4 Guests: $ 965.000
* Prices are in COP

Paragliding in Buena Vista

Buenavista is a small town hidden in the mountains, known as the "Quindio's balcony" thanks to being surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes in the area. Because of its location, you can see part of Valle del Cauca and Quindío.

This small town is the starting point of your paragliding flight. A smooth flight with one of the best views of the coffee cultural landscape. Paragliding does not have a defined flight route, you will be carried away by the whim of the wind. A certified guide will be with you all along the ride. For this activity you will only need enough sunscreen, courage and your best smile for an incredible photo from the sky.

DURATION: 3h 30min total

Transfer to Buenavista + Paragliding flight (Spanish speaking guide)
1 Guest $ 630.000
2 Guests: $ 820.000
3 Guests: $ 1.065.000
4 Guests: $ 1.250.000

Transporte a Buenavista + vuelo en parapente (con guía bilingüe en inglés o francés)
1 Guest: $ 840.000
2 Guests: $ 1.030.000
3 Guests: $ 1.275.000
4 Guests: $ 1.460.000
* Prices are in COP

Rafting on La Vieja River

Navigating down the river on a raft made of bamboo, is a classic activity for locals and those visiting the region. A typical and quiet way, to enjoy the birds that surround the river and the exuberant nature.

DURATION: 6 hours total

Full tour with transfer + Activity + Guide and lunch
1 Guest: $ 1.705.000
2 Guests: $ 1.740.000
3 Guests: $ 1.810.000
4 Guests: $ 1.870.000
* Prices are in COP

• Activities must be booked at least 20 days in advance and are always subject to availability.
• Guests must certify that they are in good health and physical condition to perform the activities mentioned above. Please consult your doctor before making a reservation.
• Cancellations must be made at least 72 hours in advance, otherwise 100% of the activity will be charged.